19 – 23 June and 22 – 24 November 2023

This course focuses on improving film and media business environments. It will provide you with the tools and techniques to run your business or large media project more sustainably. There is already excellent training for ecological movie and TV production; therefore, our multi-dimensional approach includes economical, ecological, cultural, and social perspectives. The aim is to work towards a European standard certification in order to help create an industry which respects the environment and the people within it. Apply by 21st April 2023.

18 – 22 September 2023

This programme will cover the legal framework that is required for a film or TV series. The course starts with the early stage development, to financing, to distribution and finally reaching your audience. It will also cover key areas of the legal knowledge needed in order to create confidence in the individual when discussing and preparing contracts. Participants will come away with practical knowledge, confidence and understanding of the various legal aspects of film & TV contracts. Applications will open end of March.

10 – 13 October 2023

Designed to encourage filmmakers to find and build early audience engagement for their project/s. Learning to develop an audience design strategy at the earlier stages of the filmmaking process will allow participants to have a greater understanding of how to engage that audience with the correct messaging for grassroots marketing across the various social platforms, find and build communities and look at alternative and education opportunities. Participants will leave this course with a greater understanding of how to augment their film’s message, and how to build an impact campaign around their film.