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Sustainability Management - 2024

14th - 18th October 2024

What is it about?

Mission Statement:

The International Screen Institute's Sustainability Management course is aimed at filmmakers and industry professionals seeking a comprehensive approach to sustainability in all film-related areas - from production and scriptwriting to distribution and impact. The course covers economic, ecological, cultural and social dimensions of sustainability. In addition, the focus is on structuring and working alongside the intersection of these dimensions. The field of social sustainability covers topics such as leadership and management, collaboration, workplace design and accessibility, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion. How can socially sustainable concepts be implemented and applied in various sectors? What practical examples are there? As part of a thematically interlinked program, experts from various contexts and trades will share strategies, fields of action and tools. They will show how sustainable working methods in the film industry can be initiated, strengthened and secured in the sense of a holistic understanding of dynamics and changes.

‘Immerse yourself in the intricacies of the film and media industry through the lens of sustainability and social responsibility. Our comprehensive course, designed to elevate how to engage in your practice, business, production, film fund while emphasising sustainability. Going beyond the traditional focus on ecological aspects in film and TV production, our multidimensional approach encompasses economic, cultural, and social perspectives, fostering a holistic understanding of industry dynamics. Our aim is to forge a future where the film and media landscape operates sustainably, embodying environmental responsibility and respecting the individuals shaping its narrative. Join us in crafting a passionate, sustainable future for the industry, where expertise meets heart.’
Quote from course directors Djamila Grandits, Zsofia Szemeredy

What is it about? / Sustainability for the audiovisual sector

This Sustainability Management course is tailored to cultivate circularity and holistic sustainability in the audiovisual sector, encompassing film, TV, commercials, and moving image production and distribution. It empowers participants with tools to manage their projects, institutions, productions or businesses sustainably, integrating economic, ecological, cultural, and social perspectives. Our comprehensive programme aims to elevate business operations, project execution, production processes, funding options and initiatives, while emphasising sustainability and social responsibility. We recognise the importance of audiences, on-screen narrative, and behind-the-screen impact, shaping a future where the industry acknowledges its environmental footprint and social responsibilities whilst valuing both the narrative and the individuals contributing to it. Join us in shaping a passionate, sustainable future where expertise meets responsibility and compassion.

Watch the talk with our course directors on our YouTube channel here.

Topics will include:

Economic – Explore the influence of money and corporate sustainability.

Environmental - Gain insights into the environmental impact of the audiovisual industry, identifying key pressure points and areas for improvement.

Cultural – Enhance creativity and innovation in your work environment by fostering diverse teams and working cultures.

Social – Develop strategies for team participation, maintaining personal well-being, and creating safe workspaces.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Understand the necessity of inclusive and anti-discriminatory approaches and environments. Create socially and formally diverse narratives whilst creating new and inclusive aesthetics.

Audiences – Explore audience perception, understanding, knowledge, and influence on content, as well as how content can influence audiences.

Climate narrative – Learn about green storytelling, its application across different mediums and genres, and its practical impacts on production.

Climate Communication – Develop effective communication strategies for discussing sustainability with colleagues, crew, and audiences.

Carbon Impact – Examine the carbon footprint of the industry and methods for measuring it.

Digital – Discover environmentally friendly digital solutions, media production techniques, data storage, and streaming methods.

Finances and Auditing – Understand the significance of financial sustainability and auditing practices in the industry on a global scale.

ESG regulations - a wide array of ESG regulations is being implemented across the globe which will have an impact on the audiovisual sector as well.

Biodiversity – Understand the importance of biodiversity and explore approaches to incorporate it into filmmaking.

Who’s it for?

This intensive and practical course spans 5 days onsite in Vienna, with an additional 2-day online component, accommodating up to 20 participants (TBC).

Tailored for the Film, Tv and Media Industries:
- individuals in mid-level executives,
- senior and middle management roles,
- producers,
- line producers,
- production managers,
- business owners,
- CEOs,
- freelancers,
- filmmakers, programmers,
- sales and distribution executives,
- acquisition executives,
- with several years of experience and active practice in the industry,
- dynamic change-makers,
- forward-thinking decision makers hungry for innovation.

This course offers a platform for deep exploration and transformation. We actively encourage individuals from underrepresented groups and communities to apply!

Participants will embark on a journey of discovery, unlocking insights into sustainable practices within the film and TV industry. Through immersive learning experiences and interactive discussions, attendees will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for steering their organisations and initiatives towards a greener and more socially responsible future.

This inclusive environment fosters collaboration, diverse perspectives, and empowers participants to become catalysts for positive change within their spheres of influence. Delving into the intricacies of sustainability management, participants will gain a deep understanding of navigating the complexities of their projects while prioritising environmental and social responsibility. Whether you're a seasoned professional refining your sustainability strategy, a newcomer aspiring to take on the role of a sustainability coordinator or you are eager to implement a new diversity strategy, this course equips you with the knowledge and tools necessary to drive meaningful change within your organisation.

Moreover, participants are encouraged to come prepared with a project, challenge, or sustainability goal in mind, enabling them to apply the course learnings directly to real-world scenarios. Through interactive discussions, case studies, and practical exercises, attendees will leave with actionable insights and a tailored roadmap for implementing sustainable practices within their respective fields.

While prior attendance at a carbon literacy course is beneficial, guidance is provided for those new to the concept, ensuring all participants are equipped to engage fully.

Furthermore, the Institute prioritises gender parity and inclusivity across all training programs, actively encouraging participation from female teams and promoting equality across gender, abilities, ethnicity, and socio-economic status.

*Please be mindful, that course takes place in person in Vienna 14-18 October and there are two mandatory online dates to be held 12 Nov and 5 Dec.

Course outline

This course will cover the key areas of sustainability in a business or project context. The course will be interactive, requiring participation, engagement and group work. A reading / watching list will be provided ahead & after the course for participants to be able to prepare and delve deeper into subjects.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Green Producing: Business operations and project management

  • Social Sustainability

  • Diversity Equity Inclusion

  • Management and communication techniques: recruitment, inclusivity and mental well-being awareness

  • Calculators, Labels & Certificates, Incentives

  • Case studies and networking

All participants will be asked to share key sustainability policies in their countries (a max. 10-minute presentation) or a case study from their practice in order to better inform others and share best practices.

14-18 Oct - Vienna in person

12 Nov - online

5 Dec - online

Course Leaders


To be announced soon!

Previous speakers from the past include:

  • Anastasia Laukkanen – Turkey – Living Lab
  • Birgit Heidsiek – Germany –
  • Prof. Boris Michalski – Germany – Sustainable Media Institute (SUMI)
  • Mag. Phil. Daniel Sanin – Austria – Austrian Filmmakers Association #we_do
  • Donald Houwer – Germany – Edison Filmgesellschaft
  • Francesca Scott – Switzerland – European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
  • Univ.Prof. Dr. Guenter Emberger – Austria – Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien)
  • Katrin Richthofer – Germany – Element A
  • Prof. Larry Engel – USA – American University in Washington
  • Dr. Meike Lauggas – Austria – Austrian Filmmakers Association #we_do
  • Markus Mooslechner – Austria – Terra Mater Studios
  • Maxime Efoui-Hess – France – The Shift Project
  • Nicola Knoch – Germany – Freelancer
  • Tim Wagendorp – Belgium – VAF – Flanders Audiovisual Fund + EFAD – European Film Agencies

Venue / Location

Impact Hub Vienna
Lindengasse 56

Course Fee

Fee €950.00 (excluding VAT)

EARLY BIRD rate of €850.00 (excluding VAT) until 14th July, 2024

Application deadline: 1st September, 2024

This fee covers, daily lunch and coffee breaks and networking dinners. Fees do not cover travel or accommodation; these would be additional and at the expense of the participants. A list of recommended hotels and guesthouses will be shared with successful participants within walking distance of our venue.

If you have any questions about this course, content or fees, please email

Booking terms and conditions for participants

If you are unable to attend the International Screen Institute course due to (certified) health reasons (e.g. Covid infection), please contact our office. We will consider alternative possibilities for your participation and if no option is suitable, we will allow you to use the payment you have made against the next edition of the course. If you are unable to attend the International Screen Institute course due to any other reasons, please contact our office as soon as you become aware of your impossibility to attend. Depending on the time of your notice, and on the costs we have incurred in connection with your booking, we may not be able to refund part or all of your participation fee. Your case will be dealt with on an individual basis. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone a course if circumstances require it. In this case, your participation fee will be transferred to the rescheduled dates. If you are unable to attend rescheduled courses, you will be entitled to a full refund. If you have any questions about the programme, the application form or financial support needed to attend this course, please email


Thanks to Creative Europe Funding, ISI has partial scholarship support available for participants who wish to attend this course from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

If you are not from a Low Capacity Country and can give us a good reason that you are in need of financial assistance and your national screen agency does not fund training in principle, please contact us before submitting your application to discuss whether you can apply for financial support. We have very limited funds available for a limited number of participants in genuine need.

For working parents who have childcare responsibilities, we have a childcare bursary available and a bursary for participants who need extra assistance due to disability or impairment available.

Financial Support

We actively encourage participants to research and apply for financial support with your national/regional funding bodies first who may have bursaries and grants to cover training and professional development.

Please ask the MEDIA Desk in your country if there are any funding opportunities available. Kindly inform us if you apply to a national or regional fund.

Members of the Academy of Austrian Films get 10% discount on the course fees.

Members of VAM (Verwertungsgesellschaft für audiovisuelle Medien GmbH) can apply at the SKE Fonds of VAM for support of the course fees:

Please see point 7.1.1.a of VAM´s SKE-Richtlinie.

Employees of Austrian companies might be eligible for support granted for trainings at AMS. Austrian creative and cultural professionals can inquire support opportunities for training at Team4:

We are currently reviewing all the national funds available in Europe. Below are a few examples:

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