Autumn 2021

Led by Beatrice Neumann, will be the first in a 3-course series which will teach the development of sustainable strategies by applying green and ethical standards not only to film and TV production but also to the operation of projects and businesses across all sectors of the industry. The course is aimed at anyone running a company, large projects in the film & TV industry from productions, production companies to festivals, financiers, sales and distribution companies and people who want to train as sustainability coordinators and monitors. This course will help participants to live and work sustainably and pass this learning onto their companies and colleagues. Applications will open in late spring.

Winter 2021

Led by Julia Short, the course improves participants’ knowledge of international markets, developing strategies, and confidence for packaging, pitching and negotiating deals. Individual mentoring on specific projects is included, as well as a visit to EFM Berlin 2022. A combination of in-person and on-line, aims to impart a deeper understanding of the interconnected nature of the film industry. Participants will leave the programme with a roadmap to market for their project and slate.

starts Spring 2022

This top level programme is for 20 ambitious executives and entrepreneurial producers who want to lead the audio-visual industry into the digital future. Comprised of three intensive one-week modules and a tailored project, the TV Leadership course takes place in Europe and Los Angeles over 9 months. The focus of the programme is to develop the cutting edge industry business knowledge, management skills, profile and cross-industry contact network needed for leaders from across the industry to thrive in the global business of television series. Seminars, workshops, studio visits and events will cover all aspects of the international film business - from development through production, financing, worldwide distribution, marketing and latest digital developments. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of the world of television and be in a position to head into the future with a robust knowledge of the future in order to grow their businesses.

Summer 2022

Designed to encourage film makers to find and build early audience engagement for their project/s. Learning to develop an audience design strategy at the earlier stages of the film making process will allow participants to have a greater understanding of how to engage that audience with the correct messaging for grass roots marketing across the various social platforms, find and build communities and looking at alternative and education opportunities. Participants will leave this course with a greater understanding of how to augment their film’s message, and how to build an impact campaign around their film.

Autumn 2022

This 5 day series of sessions will cover the key areas of legal knowledge needed and will cover: - Negotiation of Option Agreements - Writers - Directors - Cast - Negotiating with US Guilds - Sales & Distribution Agreements - Deals with the Streamers Participants will come away with practical knowledge, confidence and understanding of the various legal aspects of film & TV contracts.

Autumn 2022

This course is 5 days and run over a 3 week period. The clinic will prime producers for being best prepared for the future exploitation of their film. This programme will allow film makers to gain a greater understanding of the sales and distribution landscape and the marketplace as a whole. What has and is shifting, what areas of the business has developed during the global lockdown, which may or may not be reversed, e.g. change in audience behaviour, breaking of release windows, etc. On completing this course each participant will be able to have a strategy for distribution of their project.