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Sustainability Management

6-8 & 13-15 October and 12 December 2022

What is it about?

This Sustainability Management Course aims to improve environments for everyone in the film and media businesses and increase knowledge for those who wish to run a business or large media project more sustainably. There is already excellent training for ecological movie and TV production; therefore, we are looking beyond this from a broader perspective to include economic, ecological, cultural, and social perspectives.

Topics will include:

  • Economical: The power of money and Corporate Sustainability
  • Ecological: Carbon literacy refresher and how to improve our impact on the environment
  • Cultural: Diverse teams, how to enhance creativity and innovation by your work environment
  • Social: Strategies for Group participation and personal well-being/ mental health awareness

The aim is to work towards a European standard certification in order to help create an industry which respects the environment and the people within it.

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Who’s it for?

This intensive practical online short course takes place over 7 days (3 days each week for 2 weeks plus one day follow-up) and has places for 20 participants. It is targeted at Film and TV professionals, who want to learn more about how to run a business and/or large projects in a sustainable way, and at individuals who look at fulfilling the role of a green or sustainable coordinator or monitor within their company or project. The ideal candidate will have attended a carbon literacy course or session. For those not yet inducted we will provide ample pointers where to obtain a carbon literacy introduction and will provide a short recap at the beginning of the course.

Participants should have a project, challenge or sustainability goal(s) in mind to which they can apply the course learnings.

Course outline

This course will cover the key areas of sustainability in a business or project context. The following topics will be covered:

  • Beyond Green Producing: Business operations and project management
  • Social Sustainability (work organisation, participation, work place/station set-up)
  • New approach to work organisation
  • Management and communication techniques: recruitment, inclusivity and mental health awareness
  • Travel, data storage and other suppliers
  • Labels & certificates
  • Mentoring support: from October to November
  • Case studies and networking

    All 20 Participants will be asked to share key sustainability policies in their countries (a 10 minute presentation) in order to better inform others and share best practices.

Selection of Speakers:

Larry Engel (USA)
Associate Professor at American University’s School of Communication
Associate Director at Center for Environmental Filmmaking

Katherine Dennis Gonzalez (Colombia/Germany)
Background in Philosophy, Social Anthropology, and Neurology
Founder of Expanding Circles

Dr. Hemini Mehta (Switzerland)
Sustainability Lead at the European Broadcasting Union

Francesca Scott (Switzerland)
Diversity Equity & Inclusion Officer at the European Broadcasting Union

Birgit Heidsiek (Germany)
CEO and Founder of the European Centre for Sustainability in the Media World, FFA Green Cinema Consultant, TEDx speaker

Holly Arnold (UK)
Sustainability and B Corp Consultant and Project Lead at Planet A Consultancy

Maxime Efoui-Hess (France)
Project Manager at The Shift Project

Donald Houwer (Netherlands/Germany)
Managing Partner Edison Filmgesellschaft
Green Consultant for Film and TV
Founder of the Environmental Film Festival “Green Me” and the streaming platform “”

Dr. Chaden Diyab (France)

Tim Wagendrop (Belgium)
Sustainability Coordinator at the Flanders Audiovisual Fund
Head of European Film Agencies at the EFAD Sustainability Working Group

John Letham (UK)
Coach, Mentor, Coach Supervisor, Trainer & Facilitator at Considered Thinking

Anastasia Laukkanen (Turkey)

Nicola Knoch (Germany)
Freelance Coach

Course Leaders


The concept for the Sustainability Management course was created by Beatrice Neumann who now became the Head of Skills and Industry Engagement of Screen Yorkshire.

Katja Schwarz is taking over as the course director. She is an experienced consultant for sustainable filmmaking, culture and media production. Her credo is: There can be no "greenness” without fairness, equal opportunities and chances. Therefore she is eager to improve conditions for all in the film and media businesses to obtain sustainability including all economical, ecological, cultural and social aspects.
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Venue / Location

This course will be delivered online.

Module 1
Thursday October 6 to Saturday 8 October and Thursday 13 October to Saturday 15, 2022

October and November 2022
Module 2

December 12, 2022

Course Fee

The Participation Fee for this course is EUR 1.000 (including tax) per person.

Booking terms and conditions for participants

If you are unable to attend the International Screen Institute course due to (certified) health reasons (e.g. Covid infection), please contact our office. We will consider alternative possibilities for your participation and if no option is suitable, we will allow you to use the payment you have made against the next edition of the course. If you are unable to attend the International Screen Institute course due to any other reasons, please contact our office as soon as you become aware of your impossibility to attend. Depending on the time of your notice, and on the costs we have incurred in connection with your booking, we may not be able to refund part or all of your participation fee. Your case will be dealt with on an individual basis.

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone a course, if circumstances require it. In this case, your participation fee will be transferred to the rescheduled dates. If you are unable to attend rescheduled courses, you will be entitled to a full refund.

If you have any questions about the programme, the application form or financial support needed to attend this course, please email

Financial Support

We actively encourage participants to research and apply for financial support with your national/regional funding bodies first who may have bursaries and grants to cover training and professional development.

Please ask the MEDIA Desk in your country if there are any funding opportunities available. Kindly inform us if you apply to a national or regional fund.

There are for instance the following funds:


Thanks to Creative Europe Funding, ISI has partial scholarship support available for participants who wish to attend this course from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

If you are not from a LCC country and can give us good reason that you are in need of financial assistance and your national screen agency does not fund training in principle, please contact us before submitting your application to discuss whether you can apply for financial support. We have a very limited fund available for a limited number of participants in genuine need.

For working parents who have childcare responsibilities we have a childcare bursary available and a bursary for participants who need extra assistance due to disability or impairment available.

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