Green Baum

Sustainability Management

Autumn 2021

What is it about?

This course will have a strong emphasis on environmentally friendly business and project management, however, also will look at sustainability in terms of sustainable work models that promote productivity while respecting and promoting the wellbeing of the work force and collaborators and create and promote inclusivity for collaborators of all backgrounds. The course will take participants through all aspects of running a company or project in a sustainable manner from energy supply, business travel to what to consider when buying cleaning material. It also will look at social sustainability, new work and collaboration models based on the principles of fairness and safety at the workplace.

Who’s it for?

This intensive practical short course has places for approximately 20 participants. It is target at Film and TV professionals who want to learn more about how to run a business and large projects in a sustainable way and individuals who look at fulfilling the role of a green or sustainable coordinator or monitor within their company or a project. The ideal candidate will have attended a carbon literacy course or session. For those not yet inducted we will provide ample pointers where to obtain a carbon literacy introduction and will provide a short summary at the beginning of the course.

Course outline

  • Taking your content to the market and ultimately to your audience(s) in keeping with your sustainability plea.
  • How to run your business/production company sustainably?
  • What do you need to consider at every stage, in every department?
  • Successful case studies by leading Film & TV companies.

Course Leaders


Beatrice Neumann

Course Director

Beatrice Neumann

Venue / Location

This course will be delivered online.

Course Fee


included are the course fees, networking, 1-year ISI membership